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Skirt is a tube or cone shaped dress which covers the major part of the legs. Several types of skirts are available in the market which have been designed by the renowned designers. The designs and types like mini skirts and floor-length skirt can vary according to the culture and modesty. The differences in the designs and types of the skirt could also be the wearer’s choice and taste. The skirt it self is a self standing garment but some wearers make some other garment a part of the skirt like leggings and shorts.

The skirts are one of the most famous and demanding dress, so the designers all around the world especially in the western world take keen interest to design new and beautiful skirt designs which really attract the girls who love to wear this amazing and lovely dress. The skirt could be a draped garment made by a single piece of cloth. Most of the girls love to wear the skirts which are more fitted to the body from the waist or the hips but there are so many who love to wear the short and lose fitting skirts with pleats or set of panels. Designers love to make with the light or mid-weighted fabric which provide more comfort to the wearer. The skirts are usually made by denim, jersey, worsted or poplin. The soft and clingy fabrics are most often used to make slips or the other material like drapes and slits to provide more modesty to the dress and the wearer.
In many cultures skirts have been worn by both men and women like South Asia, Scotland and Ireland but in most countries the females have been seen wearing the skirts. The history tells that the women started wearing skirts 3900 BC in Armenia where both men and women were used to wear skirts according to their culture. Different types of skirts were used by the women in the history but in Middle Ages the upper class women were used to wear the long skirts and the diameter of those skirts was around three meters in diameter from the bottom. In 1920s the designers of that era shorten the long skirts a bit short and make them fashionable but during the war years the designs of the short skirts were changed into the long skirts again. Since the 1970s different types of skirts have been designed by the designers which they have designed according to the needs and demands of the current fashion and comfort to the wearer.
A-line Skirt:A-line Skirt
The A-line term was first used by a French designer Christian Dior in a fashion show when he presented some latest designs under this name in his spring collection in 1955. The A-line dresses became where popular during the 1960s to 1970s. During that time an A-line term was used to describe a loose and a wider dress from the hips and from the waist. During 1990s the A-line dress became very popular again and the latest designs of A-line dresses were designed by many other designers during early 2000s which are still very popular among the young girls.
Mermaid Skirt:Mermaid Skirt
A mermaid skirt or a mermaid dress can be describe as a loose fitting dress from the bodice, down from the hips to mid to lower calf from where the skirt flares out. The mermaid dress are mostly used by the slim and an athletic bodied girl because of it’s beautiful and body hugging shape which shows off the curves of the beautiful body of the wearer.


Gypsy or Tiered Skirt:Tiered Skirt
A skirt which has a free-flowing look which can be used as a casual dress in the day and can also be used as a stunning evening wear. The amazing design of the skirt provides a very light and a airy feeling either the tiered skirt’s length is short or long. The tiered skirt looks very elegant and sophisticated as the term ‘tiered’ is a distinctive style of a women’s skirt or dress. The tiered skirt has been designed in multiple horizontal layers on the top of an other layer.


Pencil Skirt:Pencil Skirt 1
A skirt which is narrow fitted from the bottom has a very long history in the western fashion when these skirts were introduced during the second World War when the fabrics were so expensive. In 1954 a French dress designer named Christian Dior introduced the Pencil skirts in his Autumn Winter collection which was appreciated by the other designers and by the models. Soon after that fashion show the Pencil skirts became very popular in the fashion world especially for the office wear. Since the latest designs has hit the fashion industries more and more beautiful designs have been introduced into the world of fashion which are appreciated by the wearers.
Mini Skirt or Short Skirt:Mini Skirt
The mini skirts were started worn by the Chinese women as they called this single short piece of fabric Duan Qun Miao which simply means ‘short skirt’. The mini skirts are very hot dress which is mostly worn by the daring girls as this amazing hot dress barely covers the hips. In the 21st century the mini skirts became very popular and fashionable among the young girls and celebrities. Mini skirts has also been seen worn over trousers or jeans and also with the leggings.
Micro Skirt:Mini-Skirts-1
A skirt which is shorter then the mini skirt is called micro skirt or a micro-miniskirt. The size of a microskirt could be 8 inches (20 cm) in length. The micro skirts are also called as belt skirts. A very daring girl will only like to wear such microskirts because if the wearer of the micro-skirt has bare legs the skirt will expose the thighs and the undergarments as well as the lower part of the hips. The micro skirts are most often used by the young girls for their parties and also in the night clubs which provide them a very hot look.

Poodle Skirt:Poodle Skirt
The poodle skirts are the wide swing of solid color like pink or similar. The poodle skirts were designed by Juli Lynne Charlot in 1950s in America. Soon after being introduced the poodle skirts became very popular among the teenage girls especially when they made their appearances in the school dances called sock hops. AS the poodle skirts are very famous because the poodle skirts are easy to wear and very comfortable. Many actresses has also made their appearances in the magazines wearing this amazing skirt.

Leather Skirts:Leather Skirts
Simply a skirt made of leather is called a leather skirt which is very popular among the young girls now a days and really make a fashion statement. The leather skirts became trendy and a fashion statement during 80s and 90s when the model started wearing leather skirts during their catwalks.


Bustle Skirt:Bustle Skirt
Bustle skirt is actually a framework which is used under the women’s back side of the dress which were very famous in the 19th century. Bustles were used to wear under the skirt in the back-side just below to the waist so the wearer can save the skirt from dragging. As the bustles were introduced in the 19th century so the bustles are typically Victorian fashion. The shape of the bustle skirt is a combination of a bustle and a corset.


Maxi Skirt:Maxi Skirt
An ankle length skirt which was very popular among the women in the 1970s and later in 2000s the maxi skirts made their comeback and get into fashion as the designers took keen interest to design new and amazing designs so the desire to look beautiful and stunning can be fulfilled of the young generation. Several beautiful designs of maxi skirts are available in the market because the maxi skirts can be worn as a casual dress as well as a formal dress in the late night parties.
Pleated Skirt:Pleated Skirt
A skirt filled with several pleats and fit to the waist or folds is called a pleated skirt which are very common now a days especially in the young girls who love to wear such amazing skirts especially in the summer season because the airy dress provide comfort to the girls in the hot summer days. Designers has introduced several beautiful short and full length pleated skirts which are very popular among the school and collage girls.


Sarong:Sarong (2)
A large tube shaped fabric is called a sarong which is usually used in Indonesia and throughout the South Asia. Sarong are used by both men and women by warping around the waist. The fabric most often used to make a sarong is woven plaid or in the checkered patterns but now many different types of modern sarongs have been designed in printed designs.


Bubble Skirt:Bubble Skirt
A skirt which has a bubble shape at its bottom is called a bubble skirt which are most often used by young girls as a party wear. The designers are always in search to make and introduce the latest and fashionable designs. Skirts are used by women and girls in the western countries from a long time and there are several amazing types and designs of skirts and still the designers are offering their best efforts to provide more and more amazing designs of skirts.

Jeans Skirt or Denim Skirt:Jeans Skirt or Denim Skirt
Jeans skirt also known as a denim skirt is just like a simple skirt but the thing made it special is it’s fabric which is jeans which made this amazing skirt more valuable. One more thing made jeans skirt more demanding because the jeans skirt comes in a variety of lengths and styles which makes it more value able because it can be worn casually and at the occasions. Full length denim skirts are worn by the women and sometimes by the young girls but the young girls who are in school or collage grades love to wear short denim skirts.
Dirndl Skirt:Dirndl skirt
Dirndl is a traditional dress which is worn in the southern Germany which was very common especially in the Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. The specific dress is designed with a light circular cut dress which is gathered at the waist and its length falls below the knee. Dirndl skirt also consists of a blouse, a full skirt, a bodice and an apron. In the 19th century the dirndl skirts very popular among the women because the dirndl skirts were not too much expensive and they were also very comfortable because the dirndl skirts were made of lightweight cotton.
Flared Skirt:Flared Skirt
Flared skirts looks similar to the A-line skirts because of their shape which is totally like an A-line skirt but the fabric and the wider shape from the bottom divides provides them a difference from the A-line skirts. The flare at the bottom covers the most of the part of the thighs and the upper part of the hips. The flared skirts are most often used in the parties.


High Waisted Skirt:High Waisted Skirt
The high waisted skirts are one of the most famous skirts in fashion as many famous celebrities have been seen wearing high waisted skirts and pants in last few days. The high waist-ed skirts are also been designed in different styles which could be choice of any girl who wants to look hot. Once the high waist-ed skirt became the choice of any hot girl she will love to buy all of the variety of high waisted skirts.


Trouser Skirt:Trouser Skirt
Trouser skirt which is also called and known as culottes were used and worn by the upper class Europeans during the early 19th century but later the women also started using these trouser skirts which is also a split of the bifurcated skirts which were designed for the women during the Victorian Era so the women can wear these skirts for horseback riding because the long slit on the skirt make it easy for a woman to sit like a man rather then riding side-ways.


Asymmetrical Skirt or High-Low Skirt:Asymmetrical Skirt
Asymmetrical Skirts are also known as high-low skirts or mullet skirts which is designed with a hem that is higher from the front or from the one side then the other other side and the back. High low skirts or asymmetrical skirts became trendy during the 19th century and during the 20th century these particular skirts became more demanding and trendy as formal and evening dresses.

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