Plus Size Dresses for Women

Plus size dress is a term which has been specifically used for the people’s clothing who have a large body then the average person’s body. This term can be changed and different as this term varied from country to country and also with the specific industry from which the person has been involved. According a very well-known magazine PLUS MODEL, ” The plus size can be identified as size 12-24 and super sizes can be identified as 4x-6x and the extended size can be identified as 7x and up into the fashion industry”.

Plus Size Dresses for Women

The specific term has also been used in different countries as different as the terms and languages changed like in some countries like Britain the specific term has been called OUTSIZE but this term is not much popular and also the term outsize has been losing favor as this word sounds humiliating. In
Britain a very famous brand called “Evans” is losing their advertising slogan which is “Evans – The Outsize Shop” so the outlets have been renamed of “Evans Outsize” simply to “Evans”. The brand “Evans” was also used to label their clothes with the specific slogan.

An other term is also very famous which is for men’s plus size clothing and was called big and tall which is also the trademark in some countries where the specific term has been used. The big sized clothes were first started trading in the start of 1900s when a brand called “Expectant Mothers and Newborn”
started their specific clothing range. Lane Bryant is a famous American women’s retail clothing store which is known for their bigger sized clothing started their outlets in early 1920s. Lane Bryant started selling and trading these clothes under the category “For the Stout Women” in which the store offered the dresses which were between the 38 to 56 inch bust line.

A great revolution hit the United States fashion industry when the Fashion Group of NYC released their market research on plus size dresses during 1977 to 1998. The first modelling agency which have the large body models was Mary Duff’s Big Beauties. The modelling agency started their work with the hundreds of large size clothing lines and on the their advertisers as well. The modelling agency did very well and more then two decades the company produced the ready-to-wears. In 1980 a very famous and luxury Italian fashion house called Max Mara started their first high end clothing lines for the plus size women.

On September 6, 2013 the first plus size fashion line was shown at the Mercedes Benz fashion Week which was featured in Fashion Law Institute. Plus size dresses with latest and amazing patterns have been professionally designed from smaller construction to large sizes. Many retailers are using their own
measurements which they have collected from their own measuring projects. These specific retailers are collecting the statistical data from their specialized Body Scan Data collection projects which are helping these retailers a lot to modernize the fit garments. The two very famous American companies who are working on the plus size outfits are Lane Bryant and Catherines have teamed their three year project so they can collect the maximum data to modernize the garment construction.

During collecting data for Lane Bryant and Catherines’ garment construction campaigns the measurements of 14,000 women were taken which is the most extensive female sizing study during last 60 years in United States history. In Australia the plus size dress market started growing up in 1994 in which many famous brands started producing the brand range. The plus size dresses were also introduced into the individual boutiques as well as into the national chain store outlets all around the Australia.

Only in United Kingdom there are more than sixty brands working for plus size women dresses but some of these company owners owned these companies or stores which are manufacturing and offering plus size clothing. Now there are so many brands who are offering just plus size dresses which many have introduced over-sized garments into their shelves. Other then the stores and shopping malls now the international online retailers have also started working and started offering the plus size dresses according to the fashion and latest trends.

Plus Size Skirt:Pencil-1-733x1100

Skirts are one of the most popular dress in several countries all around the world so every girl wishes to wear a desired skirt during her daily life as well as during the parties and on other events. As the skirts have been made in different styles and designs which attract the girls to get their desired skirt dress but it was quite difficlut to get a eye catching skirt for a plus size women or girl. But now the designers have designed and introduced several plus size skirts for the women who wish to wear a wonderful skirt at party or any other event but she was unable to get due to her heavy physique.

Plus Size Party Dresses:nice-and-elegant-plus-size-party-dresses

Whenever it comes to a party the first thing came into the mind is a dress and the girls who always wants to look beautiful and heart stealing. It is very easy for a slim girl who has a beautiful slim figure to get a beautiful party wear dress so she can attend the party, wearing a fashionable and eye catching dress but it could be very difficult and hard time for a plus size women or girl to get a desired party wear dress. Here presenting very lavishing plus size party wear dresses which will be very helpful for such girls and women to get one of the best plus size party wear outfit to attend the party in full style.

Plus Size Tops:011113_2050_ColdShoulde1

Tops and blouses are one of the most desired dresses as the tops can be used formally as well as casually. Girls always wanted to look beautiful and dandy either they are casual or formal. It is very easy for a slim smart girl to wear any type of dress or top staying full style and fashion but on the other side the same thing wearing a beautiful stylish outfit and also looking beautiful can be very difficult for a plus size girl or a plus size woman because such girls and women are never been entertained before as now the designers are taking keen interest and designing types of clothes including the plus size tops for the young girls and women which are really mind blowing and can steal the heart of any girl who wants to look beautiful and stylish either formal or causal.

Plus Size Prom Dresses:prom-dresses-170

It is always a dream for a girl to attend the prom party with great style and looking beautiful in a eye catching prom dress so when a girl get to know that she is about to attend the prom party she rushes to grab a beautiful prom outfit but like always it could be a hard time for a plus size teenage girl because like all other beautiful girls she also wanted to look beautiful but to find out a desired prom dress in which a plus size girl look amazing and classy could be very difficult but now the dress designers have solved the problem by designing the plus size prom dresses which are really designed according to the latest fashion and trends.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses:Wedding-Dresses-freshest

A very special day comes into every girl’s life when she get married so one her big day she want to look beautiful even like a fairy. Same like many other dresses a girl who has a beautiful slim figure can get any beautiful wedding dress for her big day but like other dress it is not easy for a plus size girl to get a beautiful wedding dress in which she look beautiful and fairy like because her healthy figure do not allow her to get the one which a slim figured girl can wear but now the problem has been solved by the wedding dress designers who have designed very beautiful plus size wedding dresses in many styles and designs which are really mind blowing and after wearing one of these wedding dress any plus size girl feel fairy like.

Plus Size Black DressesPlus-Size-Prom-Dresses-Black-2015

The charm of black never fades away and the girls and women equally like the black dress which are always in fashion and the designers also take deep interest to design beautiful black dresses either these dresses are formal or casual. The designers have designed black dresses in every style and in every category so the girls who are too much in love to wear a black dress during her casual days or for the parties. Like every girl it could be a dream of any plus size girl or women to wear a beautiful black dress but due to her healthy physique she has not enough options to get her desired black dress. Now the designers has designed each and every plus size dresses either these dresses is causal or formal for such girls and women so they can also enjoy the beauty of black and enjoy any event wearing a plus size black dress.

Plus Size Jeans: tumblr_nnpvl9EfMu1s1rnlho6_1280

Jeans are always one of the most favorite outfit all around the world and same like all other dresses wearing a trendy and fashionable jeans can be a dream for a plus size women or a girl but now like all other dresses and clothes plus size jeans pants are also getting easier for any girl who has a healthy physique as the designers and lots of clothing brands have introduced plus size jeans on the racks of their outlets which has made every thing possible for each and every girl. Presenting here very an amazing range of fashionable and trendy designer jeans for women which are really mind blowing and definitely any girl would not be able to stop herself to get one of these denim jeans pants for her.

Plus Size Cheap Dresses: Floral-Dresses-for-Plus-Size-Women-10

As this is the necessary to get formal and causal dress for every men and women. Everyone might spent lots of money on the formal expensive clothes but no one wants to spent enough money on the casual clothes because this could be very difficult for anyone to spent so much money for her daily routine dresses. It also become very difficult for plus size women or girl to find a plus size cheap dress for her casual routine days. Now almost every brand is offering low price cheap dress on their outlets so the thirst to get and wear as many clothes during the causal days. Many different famous brands has also offered cheap casual dresses for plus size women.

Plus Size Maxi Dresses: Latest-maxi-styles-2014

Maxis are one of the most favorite and demanding garments especially in the west were women and girls wear these outfits for their formal and causal wearings. Like every slim girl it could be very difficult for a plus size women or girl to wear a trendy and fashionable maxi dress either she is about to wear it on a party or during her causal days because this is one of the biggest dream of every girl either she is slim or plus size to look beautiful during her causal or formal days. Now the things are getting easier and better as the designers are taking keen interest to fulfill the desires to look beautiful and amazing wearing beautiful maxi dresses same like this one and many more designs and styles.

Plus Size Summer Dresses: 288-Plus-Size-high-low-chiffon-dress-in-Willow-For-Women-1

Since the summer has started everyone is searching for cool summer dresses so they can beat the heat with fashionable clothes to look amazing and dandy after wearing such summer outfits. Summers could be more hard for the plus size women and girls because of their bulky physique so it is more important to wear a suitable and stylish summer dress. The designers have introduced some very beautiful and amazing plus size summer dresses for such people so they can stay stylish even in the hot summer days. This plus size summer dress and many more could be the best choice of any plus size girl who wants to look stylish and also comfortable in this beautiful amazing high low summer dress.

Plus Size Coats and Jackets: Love-Legend-Faux-Leather-Jacket-With-Fur-Trim

Same like summers it is necessary to stay cool and comfortable during the summers wearing light and comfortable fabrics, the wearer also stay comfortable during the winters. Jackets are one of the most reliable costume during the winter which can keep a wearer warm from the cold winter. Different famous brands have not forgotten the plus size women and girls who also have a desire to look beautiful and stylish like all other girls so they are now offering plus size jackets in different designs and fabrics so the plus size wear either she is a girl or women can stay warm and look stylish and fashionable during the hard winters.

Plus Size Club Dresses: short-black-cute-plus-size-party-dresses

It is necessary for everyone to make his or her mind after long working and tired days so people rush for clubs and parties do fulfill the needs to keep their minds relaxed. It could also a dream of any plus size girl or women to wear a very dandy and stylish beautiful club dress so she can also look very hot and dandy while partying with pals. Designers are taking too much interest to design plus size club dresses in almost every color and design so such girls and women can quench their thirst to look hot and glamorous while enjoying party at the club.

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