Long Chiffon Maxi Pleated Skirt Designs

Word pleat is formed by doubling a fabric upon itself at the same place and a skirt full of pleats is called a pleated skirt which is too much demanding in the fashion world because of its simplicity and beauty. Since the beautiful pattern skirts have hit the fashion market the designers are forced to introduce new and amazing outfit because the girls who love to wear skirts do not get bored to wear the same old style of similar skirts.
Elegant Pleated Skirt in Fashion

Like several other dresses either they are casual or formal the designers have also introduced several types of pleats in the market so the girls and women can select any of the skirt according to their choices.

Pleated Skirts (1)

Presenting here totally new and the most amazing pleated skirts which are really amazing and could be the best choice of any girl. The designer of these long and short pleated skirts and done his best to present the best he can do. The first skirt is in red color which is all rime favorite of the girls as well as the fabric of the skirt which is pleated chiffon skirt. The length of this skirt is long and the idea to use this red skirt with a white lace top is also very amazing as the best combination of this dress is very suitable for the summer season.

One of the most famous and demanding pleated skirts in the market are knife pleated skirts which presents the tight pleating patterns on the skirt which looks expending when moving. Knife pleats are also used on different types of other dresses and outfits mostly used on the dress sleeves and on the elbows. This type of pleating mostly used on the dancing costumes which have normally been seen in the western dress, especially on this outfit. This type of outfits are mostly seen in the market and also worn by the young girls who are keen to look pretty and amazing to wear dresses because of their glamorous look.

Pleated Skirts (3)

Very similar to the red pleated long skirt this black pleated skirt is just different in color and has been worn with a white turtle neck top which is totally a new idea for the girls who are crazy about the black color. This amazing maxi skirt with white top could be best choice if a girl love to wear a black and white.

Pleated Skirts (4)

The second most famous pleated skirts are made by the box pleats when are back to back to the knife pleats. The difference between the knife pleats and the box pleats are difficult to differentiate because of the patterns. The pleats of the box pleats are larger then the knife pleats and there is almost same ratio between the knife pleated skirt and the box pleated skirt. This type of pleaded pasterns on the girl who wear such pleated skirts in the college or formally during the parties. Box pleated skirts are also known as the trade mark of the school girls but since the concepts have been change the demand of these pleated skirts are also been changed and the girls have started using such pleated outfits during their parties and also in the clubbing purpose.

The demand of printed dresses never ends and the demand of such printed dresses gets more higher when the winter season ends and the spring starts. Keeping in the minds the designers love to fulfill the needs and the demands of the girls to wear the best according to the season. This printed skirt is the best effort of the designer as it can be seen that the skirt is pleated and which is totally amazing and fulfills the fashion and season demands. The color combination is also amazing which is matching with the lace top which are also in fashion.


An ultimately amazing idea of short  skirt with pleats designed simply could be the best choice of a girl who is deeply in love to wear some short dresses during the spring/summer season. The color of this short pleated skirt is also very amazing and which green. The knee length skirt can be wear with any type of top but here the designer has given the hint to wear this green skirt with a white lace top which is very simple but still looking stunning.


Leather dresses are always been in fashion and also in very high demands especially in the fashion industry. This amazing leather skirt is an amazing idea of the designer who has kept in mind to fashion and trends according to the demand and designed this amazing short leather pleated skirt which is the best idea to wear and enjoy the sunny day stroll.

Updated: August 19, 2015 — 9:13 am