Long Black Leather Pencil Skirt Dress Designs

A straight shaped and slim fitting with a narrow cut dress is famously known as a pencil skirt which is too common in the females who love to wear the skirts. Due to the shape of the piece of fabric it has been given this name. The narrow shape of the outfit can make the movement a little restrict of the wearer so most of the skirts have a slit at the back side of the left or right side of the piece which allows the wearer to wear and move with extreme comfort.

Pencil Skirt fashion
The slit most commonly on the back side of the skirt expose off the little part of the skin which gives the wearer a little more glamour with the formal look. Some of the designers have introduced some pencil skirts with a pleat so the slit may not expose too much skin. Most of the working class or business-women love to wear such skirts which make these skirts more famous and demanding.

Pencil Skirt with High Heels

A pair of classic shoes, high heels or pumps used most of the time. Most of the time girls and women are also been seen wearing stockings and tights with these skirts which makes these skirts more fashionable and reminds of the classic skirt of the 1950s era.


When in 1954 the pencil skirts were introduced by a French designer, Christian Dior the designs of the skirts of that era and the present ones were not different too much. When Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirts they became very popular among the women and they started wearing such dresses especially for office wear. The developments and new designs were introduced until the present days and are still popular among the young girls and women.


The wearer of the pencil skirt feels different after wearing these skirts as these outfits are much tighter then the other loose fitting skirts and the tightness of these skirts gives an impact on the wearer’s movement. After wearing these black leather pencil skirts climbing on the ladder or riding a bicycle could be very difficult or impossible. Even sitting or entering in the car can also be very difficult and the wearer needs to have practice because the legs need to be close to each other while sitting.

Pencil Skirt Style

The importance and the value of the pencil skirts can be measure that the most famous and top actresses, models and other celebrities love to wear these skirts. This fabulous pencil skirt is designed by a famous designer and the world’s most beautiful and glamorous model Miranda Kerr worn this during a red carpet ceremony. The hint of fashion and glamour of this skirt can be seen in this picture. The dress is simple in shape but the light color and print of the fabric making it more value able. The white high heels are looking amazing and perfect with the total outfit.

Pencil Skirt (1)

When in 1954 the pencil skirts were introduced these skirts were formally used by the working women during their duties and until the present time most of the working ladies use these skirts during their duties in the offices but after watching this amazing printed pencil skirt the ideology is going to be changed of those girls who thinks that these skirts are for working women. The print of this fabric is very funky, amazing and comfortable because of the fabric of the skirt which is much lighter and stretchable which provides a little comfort and freedom to move easily while strolling around wearing this skirt.Pencil Skirt (1)

After many simple and formal pencil skirts, its time to present and talk about some shimmering and party wear dresses. With every passing second several new designs and ideas have been shared by many famous designers which have proved that these skirts are not only office wear and these amazing outfits can be worn during the parties which make these skirts more value able. This piece of dress is designed in the perfect pencil shape but the fabric of the outfit is totally different from the others which allows the pencil skirt lovers to wear these party wear skirts as party wears.

Pencil Skirt (2)

An other master piece of a pencil skirt which will blow off the minds of the people who ever see the girl wearing this amazing lace white skirt. The An other master piece of a costume which will blow off the minds of the people who ever see the girl wearing this amazing lace white skirt. The shape of the skirt proves this skirt a pencil skirt but the amazing idea to add some lace in the end of the skirt is totally amazing which is giving a hit of glamour to the wearer. The heart grabbing skirt will definitely blow off the minds of everyone in the party.

Pencil Skirt (7)

An other beautiful idea to wear a flowery printed pencil skirt is totally an amazing idea which can blow off the minds of the skirt lovers as this printed skirt can be used during a formal meeting and also a day out with pals. The soft colors of the amazing skirt is perfect for a sunny day out.

Updated: August 20, 2015 — 9:43 am