Latest Midi Skirt Trends for Teen Girls

Latest Midi Skirt Trends for Teen Girls

Latest Midi Skirt Trends for Teen Girls (1)

There are many kinds of skirts available nowadays. They are classified into various categories and among those categories, midi skirts are somewhat lesser known. Well it should be noted that midi skirts are mostly mid-calf length skirts that have gained popularity since the 1970’s. This form of skirt developed as a retort to miniskirts which were very popular in the 1960’s. The best thing about midi skirts is that they allow women an athletic as well as a covered-up look. Midi skirts offer a sleek fit down to the mid-calf. They usually feature A-line design, worn around the waist just at or below the belly-button. Presenting here latest midi skirt trends for teen girls which are getting very famous among the girls who love to wear stylish skirts. Midi skirts are made of many of the typical fabrics of which cotton is among the most popular. Midis are also made from polyester double-knit fabrics and chiffon.
Here is a subtle pleated midi skirt specifically for teens. The colour adds depth to the outfit and makes it suitable to be worn with almost any fitted top. The midi is neither long nor short; hence you can wear it without worrying about showing off too much or too little skin. A grey and orange top forms a perfect contrast for the amazing midi skirt.

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Here is another midi, somewhat similar to the previous one especially in terms of fabric. This one is also designed with pleats. The colour of this particular mid length skirt is very becoming. An elegant top can be matched with this midi like this one, splashed in spray colours and the attire will turn out as one of the best in your wardrobe and a contrasting stole would just complete the look.

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A light summery midi skirt that would befit teens well, this is a charming number. The midi can be worn with a top in any of these colours or rather with a sober grey or light blue blouse. Either way the outcome will be pretty.

Updated: November 14, 2014 — 7:47 am