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Latest Embroidered Salwar Kameez Design

Latest Embroidered Salwar Kameez Design

Latest Embroidered Salwar Kameez Design

A truly amazing picture of typically eastern outfit in line with contemporary fashion and latest trends, here is a lovely long shirt. Extremely elegant, this long shirt has all the qualities of attracting any young girl. Long shirts have become a hot favourite in Pakistani as well as in Indian society and these fashionable shirts have been turned into long frocks which are used as formal wear. Although these look ultimately beautiful, they are very easy garments too. Presenting here a very beautiful masterpiece of a latest embroidered salwar kameez design which is best for wedding ceremonies or any other type of parties which demands to be dressed like a fairy.

The best advantage these shirts have is the fact that they can be elaborately designed or kept to a minimum. For instance, this dress is dainty and very pleasant to look at, with all the various kinds of adornments. The dress has been tastefully designed to match the preference of a whole range of wearers belonging to the elite class.
The most outstanding feature of this latest embroidered salwar kameez design is the spiffy fall in the front. This is balanced with the degree of embellishment for which various props have been employed. First of all, there is a very rich lace on the chest and right at the end of the dress. Along with it is a ribbon-like printed lace that further balances everything out.
The colour combination of the outfit is very unique- cream and pink with embroidery of different colours and tiny beads embedded. The neckline is a generous round with exotic net sleeves that look very comely. Flowing chiffon adds a rich appeal to the overall appearance of the garb as it would look graceful with slightly heavy silver jewellery to complement the cream colour. An embodiment of utmost fashion and daring in the world of style, the long frock is absolutely perfect and displays the finesse and competence of the designer salwar kameez.

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  1. Beautiful pink dress, she is looking lovely

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