Latest Designer Short Black Party Wear Dress

Latest Designer Short Black Party Wear Dress

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For those in search of ultra chic Party Dresses, that is not excessive and maintains a sophisticated charm, this Black Outfit is the perfect solution. A beautiful interplay of flimsy net and velvet, this latest designer short black party wear dress is short in length and very vivacious.

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The tufted fabric is woven on a special loom and presents a picture of Expensive Clothing. Since velvet can be made from a variety of fibers, especially silk, a careful selection of net has been made to help this party wear attain a look that is sultry and artistic. Traditionally speaking, velvet can be associated with nobility, implying that it belongs to and represents a social class that characterizes a high hereditary rank.
This particular party wear is hammered, meaning that it is extremely lustrous, appearing dappled and almost crushed. The fabric has been mechanically twisted in different directions and has sheen. This Black Outfit is body-hugging and illusive as far as the front is concerned. The neckline is broad and less prominent as compared with the rest of this Party Dress. The bodice is made of gauzy net that is spurious and impressive in a unique way. It is also transparent; therefore it is more suited for the young ladies. Along with this, the exceptional combination of black velvet and a net bodice appeals to the eye and looks tantalizing.

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The back is quite low yet the bodice holds it to the shoulders as well. The sleeves of this party wear are three quartered, smooth and glassy. They are satiny and glisten when skin shows from underneath, thus adding a polished and refined look.

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Something that cannot be overlook, is the fine piece of embroidery on sleeves. Again, a glossy thread has been used and the expertise of the designer has been revealed as he has artistically formulated such fine embroidery on a fabric that is so delicate to touch. The pattern of this embroidery is floral in the shape of a creeper. The artwork looks magnificent. The embroidery adds a touch of sublime, refined taste and the girl short party wear would beautifully go with light, silver accessories such as earrings, a pendent, bangles and trinkets.

Updated: November 17, 2014 — 6:25 am