Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga with Long Choli

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Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga with Long Choli

Indian Bridal Wedding Lehenga with Long Choli (1)

Asian girls have a kind of fetish for typically traditional outfits on their wedding day. No matter how erudite they are, they are often seen desiring a traditional bridal wear lehenga or bridal saree when it comes for their bridal clothes. However, with regard for the brides’ sentiments concerning their bridal outfit, designers have come up with something new. These two Indian bridal wedding lehenga with long choli are the trademark in the bridal fashion industry.
This first lehenga is beautifully endowed containing a lot of variety and a rare flavour, which mostly all Indian brides are capable of appreciating. The long choli is stretching right up to the knees according to latest bridal fashion. Secondly, it is blended with a lot of variety. For instance, underneath there is a shorter blouse made of jamavar with traditional banarsi print on it. The long choli over it has been designed in net and silk. This phenomenal interplay of fabric and textures encourage a subliminal masterpiece in the world of wedding fashion for brides. Blue and silver embroidery look ravishing on pink silk background. The fabric of the lehenga itself is totally silk, the shine it radiates is bound to win anyone who has taste. A jamavar band surrounds the border of the lehenga in correspondence with the pallu of net drape.

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Next is a red lehenga, the beauty of which speaks volumes for itself. As everyone knows, red is the most popular and endearing colour for brides. Despite symbolic significance, it has real charm that cannot be held. The red choli underneath is short which is covered with a longer one that is fully adorned and embroidered. The contrasting colour in this Indian bridal lehenga is green shaded with copper. A band neckline is quite rare in bridal lehengas dress which is now becoming a real hit. Net sleeves look exotic as they carry rich embroidery. Copper gold and green recur to reinforce the element of fruitfulness and fulfilment. A widened border of banarsi jamavar adds a final touch to the entire wedding outfit and looks outstanding.

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