Indian Bridal Saree Designs

Indian Bridal Saree Designs

Indian Bridal Saree Designs

A wonderful example of Indian bridal saree, this one is available in a beautiful range of combination with slight changes to the saree style. Lehenga and saree are the most common and endeared garments adorned at weddings and most of the formal occasions in the east, especially India and Pakistan. After the lehenga, saree is the outfit with which liberties can be taken in terms of embellishment. No matter how heavily these are decorated, they never cease to look attractive. Presenting here some very beautiful and glamorous Indian bridal saree designs which are very eye-catching and can blow anyone’s mind.

The blue and purple net saree is utterly exquisite as first the combination is totally amazing and secondly, the work on it is remarkable. This bridal saree has been textured in net fabric and the embroidery has been done in silver beads that reflect the colors of the saree. The sleeveless blouse is not at all plain, although it is in single tone of color. The neckline and the end of the blouse have been beautifully bordered. More so, the fall of the saree has some traditional floral embroidery. Furthermore, the entire saree has been bordered with a beautiful line of dual beads. It is noteworthy that the complete length of the saree is blue whereas the saree drape is purplish mauve. Also, along with silver floral beaded embroidery, there are scanty blue flowers all the length as well.

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The next sample of bridal saree is very unique as it comes with slightly heavy embroidery. Nevertheless, the work does not appear “heavy” because it is concentrated in leaf-shaped structures and they are scattered all through the saree. The collar-neckline has been wonderfully embroidered in a somewhat traditional manner, the same which is follows throughout on the border of the saree. The leaf-like image is very rare and looks fascinating. The color maroon has been exclusively highlighted by the dull golden embroidery.

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Yet another classic example of the bridal net saree is this pink saree, which is definitely different from the other sarees. The color is very soothing, light pink, the fabric of which is self embossed. The entire length of the bridal saree has been bordered in soft silver embroidered that is blended with the fabric. The embossed print on the drape is different as compared to the rest of saree. All in all, along with the pink net saree, these bridal sarees are totally enchanting.

Updated: July 23, 2014 — 9:14 am