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Indian Bridal Banarsi Saree Designs

Indian Bridal Banarsi Saree Designs

Indian Bridal Banarsi Saree Designs (1)

Saree is originally an invention of the subcontinent and as time passed by it rapidly gained popularity. Now it has been rejuvenated into a number of designs and is still commonly used as a bridal outfit. The Indian bridal banarsi saree designs is a creation from the famous city of Indian known as banaras. The fabric mostly used is pure glossy sheen. Banarsi sarees are now regarded as a delicious treat for whoever happens to visit the ancient country, he usually brings with him a wonderful banarsi saree as a gift.
Since saree is such a bridal traditional outfit, it is a well-loved bridal wear. Presenting two brightly coloured, conjugal sarees in a typically traditional design. As it can be observed, this bridal saree is a beautiful amalgamation of contrasting colours like maroon, orange, green and yellow. The brocade on the sarees drape (pallu) is in copper, therefore the outfit is all about experimenting with unique combinations. The border of the exceptional as the dominant colour is orange with golden shine crossing through. A thoroughly awe-inspiring, beatific Indian saree, this is specifically meant for brides who prefer a more traditional look.

Indian Bridal Banarsi Saree Designs (2)
In the same thread, here is yet another dignified, mellow and adroit piece of ecstasy. The colours are those typical of banarsi wedding sarees, i.e. maroon, bottle green and golden brocade. There is not much variation in the length or pallu, but it is absolutely ethereal. A bridal saree that will surely befuddle any bride, this urbane number is one of the designer’s saree creations. Brides-to-be, rest assured for you will be as beaming as ever on your weeding day. This banarsi saree design is an art which is reflecting the artistic mind of the designer. This banarsi saree is one of the best bridal saree designs which has been designed for the brides.

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  1. I am looking for a bridal banarasi saree in bright red or magenta pink with stonework. Where can I find one.

  2. Antara Chatterjee

    I want to buy the blue and violet combination saree as given in link picture.

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