Hot Micro Skirt for Girls

Micro skirts are shorter then the mini skirts and their size could be just 8 inches in length. The micro skirts are also known as beltskirts. Such skirts have been used by the most daring girls because the specific piece of cloth covers only the minimum parts of the buttocks and exposes the bare legs and thighs. It also expose the lower parts of the buttocks and the part of undergarments when the wearer bends down wearing this skirt.

Micro Skirt (1)
The micro skirts are very popular among the Japanese girls and they usually love to wear them as street wears. The girls between the age of 15 to 18 commonly wear these skirts and these skirts are known as the cute dresses due to the shortness of them. In Japan these skirts are also the part of many school uniforms which make them more popular among the young and school girls who love to wear these skirts with the kogals.

Micro Skirt (9)
Cheer girls and the singers also love to wear these microskirts during their performances. Beyonce and Micky Green are also one of those celebrities who wear these skirts during their performances at several times. Many other famous celebrities have been seen wearing these skirts at different events in which a very famous actress, Gwyneth Paltrow is also included. This micro skirt is designed amazingly as the shape of the skirt is looking like a small frock and the fabric used to make this skirt is jeans which is looking really mind-blowing.

Micro Skirt (12)
These skirts are usually made by the spandex materials and most of the time these small piece of clothes are worn with the high heels. The girls who love to wear such skirts also love to wear them with the G-string under-wears. The history of the micro skirt is also very old as these skirts were first introduced in 1960s in Europe when a designer Mary Quant designed them and introduced into the local markets. When the micro mini skirts were introduced into the market they were not as short as these skirts are short now a days.

Micro Skirt (6)

In early 2000 the microskirts became very common in the European catwalks when Gucci presented them into their spring/summer collection for 2003. Most of the girls love to wear sheer stockings with the micro mini skirts which gives them much more hot look. Like always black is all time favorite of young girls and especially for those girls who love to attend the parties and dance clubs. The high heels are also looking perfect with the little dress and definitely the high heels with give more and more beauty to the beautiful long slim legs.

Leather Micro Skirt

The charm of the leather dresses also never fades away and the leather dresses and accessories became more demanding and trendy when the designers introduce any new masterpiece into the fashion market same like this hot black micro mini skirt which is designed simply but the zips on the side of the skirt giving it a very amazing and different look. The glamour of this pretty hot girl is grabbing the minds of beauty lovers as the high heels are also playing their own role.

Micro Skirt (8)

Colors play an amazing role to make anything and anyone beautiful and the color white is also one of them is usually used by the young girls. The designer of this micro skirt has made a master piece and the heart grabbing micro dress is really mind blowing. A girl who has a beautiful figure and beautiful lean legs will definitely look amazing in this amazing white skirt. The zips in between the piece of cloth is totally a new idea which is making this dress more hotter and the best choice of a very daring girl.

Micro Skirt (7)

A master piece in its own class this golden microskirt is made for the girls who wants to look very hot and amazing while attending a dance party. The golden masterpiece is designed in totally a different way as the string has been added in one side of the micro skirt which is making this little masterpiece more beautiful and glamorous. The high heels will make the wearer more glamorous and beautiful as this skirt is more revealing and the high heels will make beautiful lean legs supper hot.

Micro Skirt (2)

Dresses made with lace are always in fashion and such lace dresses always set a height of trend. This beautiful micro skirt is totally made with lace which is totally a new concept in hot fashionable dresses. The color of the skirt is very cool which is parrot green and never been seen in such dresses or skirts. This type of skirts are mostly used in the summer parties so the sunshine can tan the skin and the wearer look amazing and glamorous in the hot sunny days. As the dress is see-through a G-string underwear is best to wear under the skirt.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 9:39 am