High Waisted Skirt in Fashion

Very popular and trendy now a days high waisted skirt is a formal dress which has been mostly used as a office dress but different people have different statements over this dress as they think that any type of dresses can be used if the dress has been worn over the tummy button. Many designers and fashion
experts have shared their ideas since the skirts have become very popular and in fashion. The fashion experts have also shared that what kind of shoes and other accessories would be useful and look amazing with the outfit.


Some fashion dress designers have shared their experiences that the shoe boots will really look amazing and will fulfill the demand of elegance. An other clothing expert has shared her idea that the boots will not look elegant with the high waisted skirts because if the wearer wear boots with the outfit it will look a bit clumpy. She added more that the sandals with ankle straps will look definitely amazing and will make the dress as well as the wearer eye catching and the wearer will also look glamorous if the wearer wants to look formal but still fashionable and hot.


Some experts have shared their ideas that what kind of tops and blouses have to wear with a high waist outfit which can be very useful for the girls who are taking too much interest to wear such dresses. Some clothing experts suggest the young and slim girls to wear a crop top with the dress which will give them a very glamorous look but at the same side there are some experts and dress designer who says that a crop top will not suit to a girl with such outfit as it will give a bad look to the wearer so the girls must wear a blouse or a top which cover the entire skin.


Wearing a crop top can be very cute if the wearer wear a crop top by keeping it in her mind that the top must be round necked and showing off the skin of the chest. These type of tops are very trendy and in demand but the wearer has to keep in mind that where she plan on wearing it. It very simple that this
type of tops will definitely look odd if a girl wear this type of top with a skirt at school, college and even during her office or work place because it will really look very unprofessional and inappropriate. This type of dressing will look amazing if a girl is going for a casual party or shopping or some lunch with her boyfriend.


During the 1940s and 1950s when these skirts were designed and introduced to the women the young women were used to wear long skirts at that time and the full blouse so their skin do not be exposed. As the skirts are one of the most favorite outfit all most around the world as these outfits have many shapes and lengths which fulfill the needs and demands of many girls. As these are the most favorite outfits every girls and even women wants to wear this along with the girls who have a fat body or a plus sized figure. The dress experts have also some advice for such girls so they can also wear the trendy dress.


According to some experts a wide T-shirt can be worn while tucking it into the skirt which will look definitely amazing because the entire dress will hide all the tummy and will show off a small waist. A pair of high heels are necessory because the heels will help to draw the attention away from the
tummy and down to the supper hot legs and hips. Wearing these type of dress make the body figure very prominent and amazing.



Some experts says that it totally depends of the body shape of the wearer that if a plus sized girl wear a specific dress it would not look great if she has curvy in the hips as it will make the hips more prominent then the actual size and shape because the dress it self is too much shappy. This silk skirt is too much printed but the wearer has added almost a plain blouse which has self linings and is looking very nice with the high waisted skirt. A slim belt is looking very nice with the skirt and giving a very hot look to the maxi dress.



This pencil skirt is one of the best choice if a girl wants to enjoy a formal meeting during a sunny day. The tube shaped printed fabric is too much flowery but still it is eye catching. A girl who has a slim figure will look really amazing wearing this skirt. The plain white shirt is also looking very cool with the printed skirt.

Updated: August 31, 2015 — 8:31 am