Dirndl Skirt Designs in Fashion

Dirndl skirt is a traditional dress which was commonly used in southern Germany where these dresses are also called Alpine peasants. This historical costume can also be describes as a light cut dress which is made in circular, falls below the knees and at the waist the fabric has been gathered which gave this dress a beautiful shape. This beautiful dress contains a full skirt, a blouse, a bodice and an apron. The amazing combination of different pieces of dress makes it beautiful and eye catching.


The dirndl skirts are made very simply as a plain and simple fabric is used to make whole dress but still this dress could be very expensive. These dress are made with the silk fabric and have also been tailored very expensive because these dresses are sometimes cut from hand prints. When these dress were
designed and introduced into the local market the young woman or a young girl was referred as a dirndl and the dress was called Dirndlgewand but now the young women or a young girl and the dress all are equally refer to Dirndl.


These dresses are almost designed equally for the summer and winter season but the fabric could be different for both seasons. As in summer, a light fabric has been used and the sleeves of the summer dress have short sleeves, revealing and light fabric like cotton will be used to make these dresses for summer season. But for the winter the heavy fabric like linen, velvet or wool have been used and the sleeves of the dress have also been designed in full length. The color of the fabric used in the winter are mostly used dark and rich.


A long length apron has also been used to tie around the waist during the summer season but in winter a wool shawl or a waistcoat has been used so the wearer can stay warm during the cold days of winter. In different countries colorful hand printed silk scarfs are also been used by the young girls. The young girls also wear light jewelry to make their selves more beautiful because their dresses are made with plain and simple fabric. Light jewelry like necklace, earrings and many other things made with silver and animal teeth have been used by the young girls.


During very cold winter days the women use warm and heavy dirndl coats which match with the dresses have a high neck, mittens and wool hats which keep them warm and safe from the cold. During the 19th century these dresses were used Austrian servants and working women. In 1870s the upper class women adopted the dirndl skirts as high class fashion and now in the present time the dirndl dresses vary from the simple styles to the exquisitely crafted expensive models.



When these dirndl skirts were introduced the design was similar to this skirt but the fabric which have been used to make this outfit was not as same as this printed costume is. The old styled dirndls were made with the simple plain fabric most of the time the fabric which have been used was silk. Since these skirts have been used as fashionable dresses the designers have introduced some very classy and beautiful skirts which are remarkably beautiful same like this beautiful skirt dress which is made with the printed silk fabric. The combination of different colors and fabric is presenting an ultimate beauty which makes this dress very body hugging.



In the early designs these skirts were not too short but now the different length dresses have also been introduced into the market so the desire to look fashionable can be fulfilled. As these dresser are old styled the designers have added some classical ideas and amendments into the dresses so these dresses can be made fashionable and trendy. These dresses are getting very famous in such countries were these dresses were first introduced as these dresses were called the traditional dresses. This dress is actually made for summer season which can be seen as the dress is short and the sleeves of the dress are also short so the wearer can be stay comfortable during the hot sunny days.



In the past the dirndl skirts were used as the traditional dress but in 19th century these dresses were used as the uniforms of the servants and by the working class women. Later these skirts were used by the upper class women as high class fashion. But now these dresses have been used as a fashion as well as uniforms. Like in many bars and pubs young beautiful girls use the dirndl skirt as a uniform during their duty hours.

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A fantastic idea to beat the summer heat and fulfill the fashion desires keeping herself into traditional boundaries this summer skirt could be the best choice of a girl who want to look beautiful and fashionable at the same time. The sleeves of this dress are very beautiful as the small sleeves are made with the net which is making this dress very beautiful.

Updated: August 28, 2015 — 8:52 am