Designer Bridal Lehenga with Short Blouse

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Designer Bridal Lehenga with Short Blouse

Designer Bridal Lehenga with Short Blouse (1)

Eastern countries especially India and Pakistan are popularly recognized for their mutual cultural background. In their culture also come their dresses and different customs. When speaking of an eastern wedding, the first thing to strike anyone’s imagination is the kind of bridal dress that is worn on the occasion. The most important in this regard is the bridal outfit as she becomes the ultimate depiction of the tradition of wedding on that day. Focusing on the latest bridal demands according to the fashion and trends presenting her two very glamorous designer bridal lehenga with short blouse.
With every passing year, the demands of brides and the preference of designers is changing. Brides and designers alike are beginning to opt for something that is totally elegant, and something that is in line with western dress as well. For that matter, colour is equally important, as is the design. In this bridal lehenga you can see that the colour is a subtle brown, almost the shade of skin. The blouse is quite short with self-embossed printing. Now this is something that is uncommon with bridal dresses but is fast becoming the latest trend. Designers have switched from bright red colour to different colours and have greatly improvised the style of embroidery. There are heavy jewel chunks on the lehenga and deep maroon velvet embroidery. The dupatta has white along with red and brown which makes a rare and awesome combination.

Designer Bridal Lehenga with Short Blouse (2)
Here is yet another bridal lehenga with short blouse that is an exemplary manifestation of contemporary bridal designs. The blouse is silver and so is the lehenga. The dupatta is very simple therefore the entire emphasis is on the blouse and the lehenga. Since the dupatta has different shades of pink, there are pink chunks along with silver beads. The border is very pretty with all these colours combined.

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