Culottes Pants and Shorts in Fashion

Trouser skirts are also known as culottes  which looks like the knee breeches which were used by the European upper class gentlemen during the early 19th century. The style of these tight trousers ended just below the knees. These trousers were first designed and introduced in France during 1574 and 1589. In the start designs of these culottes were so closed and fastened to the knees and with the legs with buttons and with a buckled strap.

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In 1789 to 1799 during the French Revolution the working class were known as sans culottes which simply means without culottes. Culottes were also used as army uniforms but the lower part of the legs were covered with the stockings or with the knee length army boots. During 18th century pants were also a common part of the military uniforms which the Europeans used for a very long time and in many wars.

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The trouser skirts became fashionable and adopted in the women’s fashion after a very long time when these skirts were first designed and introduced to the common men. These trouser skirts has always confused the historians as these clothes were used as men’s garments in the past but now these outfits are commonly used by the women and especially the young and teenage girls. Now a days culottes are commonly known and used as women’s panties in France which shows that these outfits have no relation with the historic culottes which were first designed in France.

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Now a days it has also been used to describe a outfit which hangs like a skirt and at the same time it looks like a pant. During the late 19th century in the Victorian era the long skirts were first developed which had a long split line between the skirt. The reason to develop these skirts was horseback riding so the women can sit easily during horse back riding. Before that it was very difficult for a woman to enjoy a horse ride but after that it became easy for a woman to sit astride like a man’s saddle because before this development the women were used to sit and ride side saddle.

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Later the split skirts became very popular which were also named split riding skirt due to the shape which gave more freedom to the women while gardening, bike riding, cleaning and many more things. Still these split skirts looks more like a trousers. In some ares of world culotte skirts are most commonly known as skorts which is a combination of skirt and shorts. Some other garments have been designed and introduced which resemble short trousers which also look like skirts and differ from the trousers and shorts which are also getting very popular among the young girls especially.

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The popularity of the culottes can be noticed that in many countries all around the world these outfits are used as school uniforms for young and teenage girls in primary and middle schools. These trousers can also be used along with the skirts. This black skirt shot is looking very amazing and this is very difficult to realize that this outfit has a split and it is looking like a simple skirt. The beauty is increasing with the printed blouse. A golden color necklace is adding more glamour to the wearer. High heels are making this culotte shorts more charming.

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Remarkably beautiful this white culotte shorts are looking amazing as the designer has kept it very simple which is making these shorts more beautiful and eye catching. The upper part has been designed same like a formal pant but the lower part is looking totally like a skirt. The blouse which has been used with this white short skirt has a low neckline which is giving the wearer a very hot look. High heels are adding more glamour and looking very similar to the blouse as both things are made with thin stripes.

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The designer of this culotte long pants has designed and made this as a summer outfit which is totally an amazing idea because the color which has been used to make this dress is peach which is a very soft and soothing color. The fabric which has been used to make this summer dress is chiffon which is known as a light fabric and mostly used during the summer and spring. White blouse is looking very beautiful and giving a very soft look to the wearer.

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A brilliant idea to look formal as the designer of this culotte pants has been design for a formal use. The designer has added some pleats on the front of this dress which is giving it a very different look. These shorts could be the best choice of a girl who works in a office and she wants to look different and dandy from her other female colleagues. The strappy high heels are look perfect to the skirt which is the best contrast.

Updated: August 27, 2015 — 10:14 am