Black Pareo Sarong Skirt Dress

Sarong is actually a large piece of cloth often men and women wrap around the waist. This tube shaped piece of fabric is used by men and women throughout Southeast Asia, South Aisa, Horn of Africa, Arabian Peninsula and in several Pacific Islands which shows that how popular these tube shaped piece of fabrics are. The most of the patterns which have been used on the fabric are plaid or checkered patterns but now these clothes are becoming very popular among the women so the designers have introduced many bright and printed fabrics to make these piece of clothes more popular and trendy.

In Southeast Asian countries the sarongs are most commonly used by the men. The tube shaped piece of cloth is stitched from the narrow edges of the tube cloth. The upper part of the fabric tied at the level of the navel and the hem at the level of the ankles. When it comes towards as a women wear, the women
wear this piece of cloth with a kebaya blouse. In English countries sarongs the tube fabric used as a sewn and unsewn body wrap.

beach sarong-with-fashion

The English nations are also very familiar which they mostly use to enjoy the seasides. Sarongs have also been used in the romantic dramas during the 1930s and 1940s. Many actresses have used these tube skirts in very famous movies in the late 1937 even one of these famous actresses named Dorothy Lamour was named as a Sarong Girl for using this piece of cloth in many romantic movies.

Pareo is an other form of the wraparound skirts which is most commonly used in the Cook Islands where these fabrics are used as a women outfit. Since these clothes became famous among the women the designers are taking keen interest to design new and latest designs so the desire to look amazing and beautiful can be fulfilled. As this piece of cloth has been used in several countries as a traditional dress but the sarong skirts have made a debut in the fashion industry and the designers who love to design beach wears are taking to much interest because of the popularity of the tube dress.



Many designers have introduced a very large variety of printed designs of plants and animals which make these dress more beautiful and fashionable. But the natural colors are still on the peak of the popularity as the trend to wear a black dress is still too much popular and the charm of black has not fades away. This amazing black sarong is made with chiffon and it could be the best choice of a wearer to wear this see through dress at beach party which will definitely blow off the minds of the people who ever will see a very hot girl in a see through black dress.


Sarongs are most commonly used as a beach wear so the designers have emerge sarongs with the beach wears which made these dresses too much popular among the girls who love to enjoy at the beach and are always in search of beach wears to look amazing and hot. This flowery print is looking perfect with the a black or dark blue bikini. The background of the fabric is green and the flowers on the sarong are pink which is the best combination made by the designer.



Most of the people hit the beaches during the summer and spring seasons when the sun shines and comfort the people who wish to be at the beach to take rest and relax their minds. So a sarong could be the best choice as a beach wear as this outfit is very relaxing and easy to wear. This sarong is also have prints on it and the background of the fabric of this beach wear is pink which is also very sift and soothing color. A pair of high heels are also looking perfect with the beachwear outfit.

Printed-Beach Sarong-Bali-Beach-Wrap-Sarong


A piece of art this amazing printed piece of cloth is the magnificent idea of a brilliant mind  printed with beautiful butterflies. The nice combination of the colors are also looking very beautiful and amazing and is the best choice of the wearer. As it makes a sense to wear a comfortable and colorful dress on the beach so everything around the beach give comfort to the brain and the wearer can enjoy the beauty and freedom at the same time.

tie a sarong


A perfect beach wear  designed in blue keeping in the mind the color of the ocean which is also blue. The designer of this sarong has also emerge the beauty of animal skin theme on this sarong which is making this piece of fabric more beautiful and amazing. The knot on the upper part of the beach wear skirt is also looking very amazing and giving a hint of femininity .

Updated: August 26, 2015 — 10:30 am