Black Draped Maxi Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt which is also known as the high low dress or mullet dress can be described as a hem which is higher at the front or the back or at the side. These dresses have a full circle hem but there are different types of lengths available in the market which provides a huge variety of high-low dresses and these dresses can be purchased from the market according to the choices. These dresses are originally Victorian era style dresses and the formal gowns. The hem style of these type of dresses are also known as fishtail.

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These dresses were first designed and introduced into the markets and also to the local girls and women during the nineteenth century and such outfits became a trend during the mid 1870s to 1880s. In 20th century these dresses were introduced as women’s evening dresses and formal gowns which bring a
latest fashion idea for the designers of that era to make and introduce new and latest ideas of designs to fulfill the demand of the young girls of different style dresses with different hemlines which the designers fulfilled very beautifully and soon these dresses became very trendy and fashionable.

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The current asymmetrical skirt with different styles became trendy and fashionable in the late 2011 and soon after being introduced with latest styles and designs these asymmetrical skirt became very trendy and in fashion in Europe and America. In the Summer 2012 these skirts became very demanding worldwide even these skirts received a remarkable media coverage in India and also been designed and manufacture under the labels Namrata Joshipura and Myoho. Soon after that these asymmetrical skirt make a visible place and a very pretty contestant of The Voice wore a very beautiful and eye catching asymmetrical skirt during her audition in 2012.

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These dresses have also been designed by several famous dress designers so these skirts also received variety of names including a latest name waterfall dresses and mullet skirts. One of British’s famous newspaper named Mirror has featured the asymmetrical skirt in the magazine which was worn by the singer Cher Lloyd in 2012. Many high low skirt wearers and lovers has disliked the term mullet skirts and they have embraced the latest term to be used for such beautiful dresses. The popularity of these beautiful dresses has grabbed the minds of fashion lovers and these dresses are becoming more fashionable and trendy.

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Totally a different design of the previous skirts which have been designed by a brilliant mind who has presented totally a latest and amazing design. The fabric which has been used for make this high-low skirt is also different from the previous ones which has black lines and the background of the skirt is silver grey. The color and pattern is looking very beautiful and amazing with this latest design as the designer has introduced a X shape in front of the skirt which is also looking like a butterfly and will look very glamorous if a girl who has a very hot figure.

peplum asymmetric skirt


In 2011 and 2012 a very beautiful new pattern called peplum was introduced on the hem of the skirt which gave another beautiful and amazing shape to the skirts, jackets, sweaters and shirts of the women. These type of skirts were fitted at the waist and at the hem there were flares which became very trendy and fashionable in many European countries in 2012. Soon after being introduced these asymmetric peplum skirts saw a down fall as these skirts looks glamorous and beautiful to the girls who are tall and thin figure.

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Whenever a new and latest design of any type of asymmetrical skirt has been design and introduced into the fashion world the designer also focus the colors and the most demanding and trendy colors black and white come on the top of the list. This beautiful asymmetrical skirt has been designed very simply for the working women and girls so the dress can be used formally during office work with ultimate fashion and style. The white blouse is looking very beautiful and amazing and the silver thin strappy sandals are making the look even more heart grabbing and amazing.

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A very amazing and beautiful style asymmetrical skirt designed very simply with a latest design with a silk fabric in red color. The pleats on the asymmetrical skirt are looking amazing as the designer has added a bow like thing on the left thigh which is making this dress more valuable besides the dress has no embroidery on it. The little drape of the asymmetrical skirt is also giving a very beautiful and amazing look to the dress as well as the wearer. The designer of this asymmetrical skirt has designed the blouse of this asymmetrical skirt similar which is making this dress a evening wear as the dark and bright colors are mostly used into the parties so this dress could be the best choice of any fashionable girl.

Updated: August 28, 2015 — 11:17 am