Black Burlesque Bustle Skirt Dress Pattern

Bustle is actually a framework which has been used under the dresses to support and expand the women’s dress during the 19th century. Bustles were used in the back side of the skirts and to the other dresses to support the drape of the dresses. Bustles are used right below the waist so the heavy fabric can
be saved to be dragged on the floor. The bustles were very common when they were made and introduced to the women of that era and soon after being introduced the bustles became very popular among the rich women but with the passage of time the bustles came into range of the common women and then to the young girls.

The bustle skirts were made and introduced into the market in the late 1860. At that time the dresses were long from the back side of the dress and the dresses were really need to be supported from the back side so the heavy fabric can not be dragged on the ground as at that time the fabrics very much
expensive and most of the wealthy women used the expensive clothes as it was necessary for the wealthy women to look different from the other women who were not as rich as they were. in the start when the bustles were introduced the only reason was to support the dress and but soon after that many designers and women started using the bustles to give a perfect shape of the drape of their long expensive dresses.

During 1870s to 1880s different shapes were designed and introduced to the wealthy women. The bustles were also used with the non-bustled and flat-backed dresses during 1878 to 1882. In the start when the bustles became fashionable and trendy the back side of the skirts was very low but later the loops were introduced were gathered with the fabric. Later the bustles became more humped shaped on the back side of the dress which totally changed the shape of the dress and became remarkably very popular and trendy among the women of that era as this was the totally latest idea which gave a totally different shape to the dress as well as to the wearer.


The fashion of the large sized bustles ended in the end of 1889 when designers introduced a little sized bustles into the markets which became very popular suddenly among the young girls especially. In the start of 20th century when the bustle skirts and other bustle dresses were not too much in fashion the
designers decided to introduced a stylish shape of the bustle skirts so they introduced a curve in the back and a balanced curve in the front of the skirt.

As the bustle skirts are totally a Victorian fashion as these skirts were introduced in that era but now in present time the bustle dresses are worn as a costume and it has been used in many films especially in the different films of Dracula in which several different types of bustle dresses have been used by the different female lead roles. This black bustle dress is also a old style bustle skirt which was introduced into the 20th century and the design remarkably grabbed the heart of the women of that era as this was the latest fashion in that days.


This bustle skirt dress is a totally latest fashion made by a brilliant dress designer who has emerge the old and current fashion styles in one dress which is looking very amazing and eye-catching. The double tone maroon color is adding more glamour to the dress and definitely to the wearer of this dress. This dress is also looking like a high low dress which is making this dress more demanding and eye catching.

black-lace-burlesque-bustle-skirt-8714-p With the passage of time the demand of looking different and beautiful to the other girls is getting more stronger in the minds of the every girl the designers has also started taking deep interest to design and introduce the amazing creations so they can fulfill the desire to look beautiful and different at the same time. This beautiful black burlesque bustle dress is a totally amazing concept of a creative mind in which the designer has mix up leather with lacy net which is making this dress more beautiful and heart grabbing and definitely who ever will wear this dress will look amazing.



Again a very different but piece of art this magnificent bustle skirt is made with the net and very similar to the high low dress. The beautiful combination of black and red making this dress more beautiful and eye catching. The upper part of the dress is made with the leather stuff which is an amazing idea to make a dress combining net with the leather. The dress is looking perfect with the black high heels and giving a glamorous look to the wearer.

Updated: August 25, 2015 — 10:19 am