1950s Halloween Poodle Skirt Costumes for Girls

Poodle skirts are made in a solid bright color and when a girl wear this skirt it looks like swinging. This skirt is often made in pink colored fabric which make it more eye-catching and heart grabbing. A poodle which is actually a dog has also been designed on the skirt this is the reason this skirt has find this name. Rather then a poodle on the skirt the designers has also introduced different patches to this specific outfit lovers. The designers has introduced flowers, hot rod cars and flamingos which look amazing on these skirts and look perfect and also reflect the brilliant idea of the designers.

The length of these skirts are to the knees or just below the knees. These skirts were first designed in 1950s in the United States. The poodle skirts were first introduced by a designer Juli Lynne Charlot. Soon after being introduced into the local market as well as the local women and girls the skirts became
very popular especially among the teenage girls. In the early period when these skirts were introduced the girls started wearing them during there school dances and later as their everyday wear. The popularity of these skirts forced the women to make these skirts at home as these skirts are so easy to design and make them at home. The young girls also started taking interest to make new designs as the skirts were very easy to make and the material of these skirts was easily available at home.

In the early times the famous film stars also wore these skirts so it also make the poodle skirts more trendy and fashionable because the people of that era were very impress with their favorite celebrity and most of the young boys and girls love to copy their favorite actor or actress. The actresses of that era made their appearances on the cover of different famous magazines and also in different advertisements so soon after being introduced the poodle skirts became a trendy fashion in Hollywood and by the time the things became popular among the common girls.

During the 1950s the poodle skirts became the fashion symbol of America and the young girls started wearing these skirts as a novelty retro item as a particular part of the nostalgic dress. In 2009 and 2010 a similar design skirt became popular as the designer presented the new and latest shape of the poodle skirts which was not too much different to the skirts which were designed in the 1950s but a little amendments on the skirt make it very classical and also a little different from the skirts which were designed and introduced in 1950s.



The young girls still love to wear these skirts since the popularity hit the markets of fashion the designers have also started taking interest to introduced some very beautiful and rare designs of poodle skirts same like this pink skirt which has been embedded with a black colored poodle and a silver leash which is coming from the upper front part to the puppy and it is looking like the puppy has been tied with the silver chain. The concept is totally new and very brilliant that the young girls of this century are adopting this old fashion.



Since the poodle skirts are getting famous among the young girls it has also given an opportunity to the girls who have a healthy figure but still they want to wear a skirt like a slim hot girl so this type of skirts are the wonderful idea for such girls so they can also enjoy the ultimate fashion and the latest trends. High heels also look amazing with these skirts and the hairstyle which looks similar to the old fashion give an amazing look to the wearer. As the outfit is simple a necklace of white pearls will definitely look amazing and dandy.



As most of the poodle skirts are made and designed in the pink colors but now it turns to the powder blue color which is looking very amazing and eye catching and can grab the heart of any girl who love to wear a poodle skirt but with a little difference so she can look different from the other girls who might have planed to wear a similar skirt on a party or get together. A striped t-shirt is also looking perfect to the powder blue color and giving this skirt a totally different and beautiful look.



A totally new and amazing idea to make a poodle skirt in a totally different color as the color black has its own charm and beauty the designer could not stop himself to make this skirt in the mind blowing color black. Everything is same to the previous skirts but with the concept of changing color has given a totally amazing and different look to the wearer.

Updated: August 25, 2015 — 8:04 am