Black Lace Pencil Skirt in Long and Mini Skirt Designs

Lace skirt is made with a very beautiful and delicate fabric which is made with yarn or at most with the thread in a web-link pattern. These laces can be made with a machine or some times with the hands. When the delicate fabric was first made it was made with the linen, gold, silk or silver threads. Now this fabric has been made with cotton thread and some times with the silk threads which is very expensive but very [...]

Full Black Midi Skirt Dress and Pencil Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt can be recognized as a tube shaped piece of fabric which reaches below the knees or mid calf. It can also be said that a dress which covers the calf until the knees and thighs. These skirts were very much in trend when these were designed and if said that these skirts actually made a fashion statement that would be true because these dresses are too much in fashion and demanding all over the world especially among those [...]

Black Draped Maxi Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt which is also known as the high low dress or mullet dress can be described as a hem which is higher at the front or the back or at the side. These dresses have a full circle hem but there are different types of lengths available in the market which provides a huge variety of high-low dresses and these dresses can be purchased from the market according to the choices. These dresses are originally Victorian era style dresses [...]

Dirndl Skirt Designs in Fashion

Dirndl skirt is a traditional dress which was commonly used in southern Germany where these dresses are also called Alpine peasants. This historical costume can also be describes as a light cut dress which is made in circular, falls below the knees and at the waist the fabric has been gathered which gave this dress a beautiful shape. This beautiful dress contains a full skirt, a blouse, a bodice and an apron. The amazing combination of different pieces of [...]

Black Flared Skirt Dress Pattern

Flared skirts are too much similar to the a-line dresses as the shape of the outfit is like a aline dress but there is a little difference between these skirts which make them different to each other is the fabric used to make these outfits. The fabric and design is totally different to the a-line skirts. The shape of the skirt is wider from the bottom and the upper part of the skirt is similar to the other dresses. [...]

Culottes Pants and Shorts in Fashion

Trouser skirts are also known as culottes  which looks like the knee breeches which were used by the European upper class gentlemen during the early 19th century. The style of these tight trousers ended just below the knees. These trousers were first designed and introduced in France during 1574 and 1589. In the start designs of these culottes were so closed and fastened to the knees and with the legs with buttons and with a buckled strap. In 1789 to 1799 [...]

Black Maxi and Pencil Denim Skirt Designs

Denim skirts refers to the jeans skirt which is made of denim which is the same material which has been used to make denim jeans. These skirts are available in huge variety all around the world and different styles and lengths which make these outfits more demanding because these dresses can be used in different occasions according to the designs and styles. In many countries where the women are prohibited to wear a jeans or a trousers full length [...]

Black Pareo Sarong Skirt Dress

Sarong is actually a large piece of cloth often men and women wrap around the waist. This tube shaped piece of fabric is used by men and women throughout Southeast Asia, South Aisa, Horn of Africa, Arabian Peninsula and in several Pacific Islands which shows that how popular these tube shaped piece of fabrics are. The most of the patterns which have been used on the fabric are plaid or checkered patterns but now these clothes are becoming very popular [...]

Black Burlesque Bustle Skirt Dress Pattern

Bustle is actually a framework which has been used under the dresses to support and expand the women’s dress during the 19th century. Bustles were used in the back side of the skirts and to the other dresses to support the drape of the dresses. Bustles are used right below the waist so the heavy fabric can be saved to be dragged on the floor. The bustles were very common when they were made and introduced to the women of [...]

1950s Halloween Poodle Skirt Costumes for Girls

Poodle skirts are made in a solid bright color and when a girl wear this skirt it looks like swinging. This skirt is often made in pink colored fabric which make it more eye-catching and heart grabbing. A poodle which is actually a dog has also been designed on the skirt this is the reason this skirt has find this name. Rather then a poodle on the skirt the designers has also introduced different patches to this specific outfit [...]